Helping People of Afghanistan One at a Time

As Afghanistan suffers through another bitter winter, many Afghan citizens living in America are turning their sites to those less fortunate.  Maria Kazemi, a graduate student at George Mason University, organized a two day basketball and volleyball tournament.  With the help of friends, such as Reza Afshar, Naser Shahalemi and others, she created a tournament that raised money to benefit the Afghan Relief Fund.

She reached out all over the place for support. Shahalemi was certainly willing to assist, as the founder of the National Basketball Association of Afghanistan, as were many local businesses and community groups.
This type of effort is one that Afghani leaders such as Hamed Wardak encourage.  Leaders such as Hamed Wardak, who is the founder of the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce and the Committee for U.S.-Afghanistan Partnership, seek non-violent means of creating reform in Afghanistan and of helping the people there.