Hamed Wardak Proposal for U.S. in Afghanistan

mastheadHamed Wardak suggests several strategies which he believes can help the United States achieve its goals in Afghanistan.  These ideas appeared in the on-line journal ‘Asia Chronicle’ which discusses regional issues and global insights.  Briefly introducing the subject of U.S.-Afghan relations, Wardak explains that Afghanistan was a stable country until the invasion of the Soviet Union in the 1980s. Then, when the Soviets were defeated and forced out of Afghanistan the United States and the allies of NATO did not get involved in the recovery of Afghanistan, which allowed the Taliban to gain power, which as a result gave a place for al Qaeda to headquarter in safety.

Hamed Wardak argues that today, just as in the mid-1990s the Afghan people only turn towards the Taliban to fill the security vacuum left by years of turmoil. Wardak believes that if the Afghan people felt that they could rely on the U.S. for this security, they would support U.S. involvement in Afghanistan.

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