AACC Founder Hamed Wardak

In addition to leading his Afghan movement for change, “Sacrificers for Peace,” (Fedayeen-e-Sol), Hamed Wardak is also one of the founders of the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce.

Wardak is striving to encourage a strong relationship between the United States and Afghanistan, and to encourage the U.S. to help Afghanistan overcome their Islamic political rivals who Wardak says are backed by Iran.

“Right now our allies, the Americans and our European friends, focus on state institution development, you don’t have anything politically. But our neighboring countries, particularly Iran, are focused on creating a movement, a political apparatus on the ground,” he said. “Our movement believes that the American and allied long-term presence is vital and desirable for building a stable and democratic order,”

he added.


Leader for Change in Afghanistan:Hamed Wardak

Fedayeen-e-Sol, or “Sacrificers for Peace” is a movement which sees itself as an ideological alternative to the Taliban movement in Afghanistan. Leading this movement for change is Hamed Wardak, the son of the Afghan defense minister and a graduate of Georgetown University and a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University.

The 31-year old leader is hoping to lead his country on the path to free markets, low taxes and stifling the influential hold that drug trafficking and militias have had on Afghan society.

Hamed Wardak – Sacrificers for Peace

In January 2007 the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute held a forum titled “An Afghan Civil Society Movement — Sacrificers for Peace” at the Rome Auditorium, 1619 Massachusetts Ave. NW.

The keynote speaker was Mr. Hamed Wardak, the Founder and then temporary President of Fedayeen-e-Sol – “Sacrificers for Peace.” Fedayeen-e-Sol is a multiethnic civil society movement that seeks to bring about national and governmental reform in Afghanistan. As a broad-based movement, Wardak has ensured that this movement approach all of Afghan society and enact change a reform through non-violent means.

Mr. Wardak has toiled greatly to help Afghanistan move into the future as a democratic, liberal and western power.

Wardak:U.S. Should Support ANA

In an article published in May, in the on-line journal Asia Chronicle, Hamed Wardak lists ten ideas he hopes the United States can implement in order to defeat the Taliban and al Qaeda mapafghanistanand to bring security and stability to Afghanistan. Here is a brief summary of one of those ideas.

The United States should support the Afghan National Army: According to public opinion polls of Afghani citizens, the Afghan National Army, (ANA) is the most respected government body in Afghanistan. The 3,600 U.S. troops now in Afghanistan cost more money to U.S. taxpayers than if the United States would invest in the 250,000 ANA soldiers who themselves could defeat al Qaeda and the Taliban.