Hamed Wardak Giving Back

One of the driving forces behind Hamed Wardak is to give back to the community in Afghanistan.  This drove Hamed Wardak to create a Community Outreach program.  His most recent endeavor was his support of the National Gallery of Arts Exhibit, “Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures for the National Museum, Kabul.”

This exhibit, sponsored in part by Hamed Wardak, shows 228 objects that range from 2200 BC to the second century AD.  They come from four archeological sites and include fascinating objects from pottery to jewelry and more.

Hamed Wardak strives to continue this mission to involve himself in community-based philanthropic programs.  This is part of his vision for a new Afghanistan.

Hamed Wardak if the founder and CEO of Ludus Athletics.


Insights About Afghanistan

The Afghanistan Partnership (CUSAP) is an organization that believes in the strong ties between the U.S. and Afghan citizens. They want to see Afghanistan become a strong, prosperous nation again, and they recognize that America’s support is critical to this mission.  As one of eight founders of the organization, Hamed Wardak works to create this partnership along with many others.

Certainly, to understand Afghanistan today, we must understand some basic and important facts about this country.  Since the 19th century, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union and the United States have all invaded Afghanistan.  During the Soviet occupation, between 600,000 and 2 million Afghans were killed.  During this time, 5 million Afghans were displaced, mostly to neighboring countries.

Donation to USA for UNHCR

In recent news, Hamed Wardak,  has pledged $100,000 to USA for UNHCR.  This is the U.S. Association for the U.N. Refugee Agency.  Mr. Wardak’s generous gift will directly benefit the people of Afghanistan, including the hundreds of thousands who are currently displaced.
As Hamed Wardak explains, “I have long admired and respected the work of the UNHCR. Their work is critical in Afghanistan today. I wanted to provide support to the most disadvantaged group in Afghanistan – Afghan women.”
Mr. Wardak’s contribution will help Afghans of all ethnicities who were displaced as a result of the ongoing conflicts.  It will also help those who are now returning to Afghanistan after years in Pakistan.  His projects will focus on helping women and increasing employment opportunities.