Meeting the Campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership Board Members

There are three leaders who sit on the board for the Campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership (CUSAP).  Each one brings exceptional leadership qualities and a strong business background to his board commitment.  These men include Hamed Wardak, Omar Olumee, and Assad A. Mattin.

The CUSAP believes that Afghanistan can be a strong nation, but that it needs the continued support of the United States to do so.  They are a membership organization.

One of the board members, Assad A. Mattin, was born in Kabul, Afghanistan where he received an undergraduate degree in economics from Kabul University.  He completed the Economics and Political Science Program at the Diplomatic Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan. In addition, Mr. Mattin studied Business Administration at Georgetown University and strategic management at Cornell University.

Assad A. Mattin is a Senior Analyst at SOS International.

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