Success with the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce

In recent news, the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) was thrilled with the attendance at their 5th Annual Business Matchmaking Conference in Washington DC.  With over 350 people in attendance, including 60 business people from Afghanistan, the event highlighted new economic opportunities and focused on the need to put greater emphasis on the Afghan private sector.

In the coming month, AACC plans to increase its activities to evaluate investment opportunities in Afghanistan.  The conference focused on challenges facing both Afghan and U.S. businesspeople while looking for key avenues through which American and Afghan businessmen and women can find ways to work together.

Certainly, the conference was made possible by the efforts of those within the AACC, including founding vice-president Hamed Wardak, AACC Board members Francis Skrobiszewski and Bill Joern and others.

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