Afghanistan Taking Cricket by Storm

Not all the news coming out of Afghanistan is political and difficult.  In recent sports news, The Afghan cricket team is about to make their debut among the cricket elite at the Twenty20 World Cup.

“We have started playing cricket after watching cricketers from South Africa and India on television and now it’s like a dream come true that we will be competing against them,” Mangal told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from the team’s training camp at Pakistan’s National Cricket Academy in Lahore.

Afghanistan will open its T20 World Cup against India on May 1 in St. Lucia.  They will then play South Africa at Barbados on May 5.

This is the type of event that Afghan leaders such as Hamed Wardak find refreshing and important.  Afghanistan is a living, breathing country just like any other, and one that deserves to experience everything from sports to economic prosperity just like any other nation.

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