Quality of Life Improves for Afghanistan’s Women

The situation of the republic’s women has significantly improved since the Taliban’s fall nearly a decade ago.  It certainly was nothing to be sniffed at when Farida Tarana had the opportunity to enter Afghanistan’s very own version of American idol (Afghan Star).  The fact that she didn’t win first place wasn’t really important for the republic’s development as a whole; it was how she used the publicity she gained there to run in her council elections.  Her popularity was obvious: she came in second out of 524 other wannabe politicians.  This was the beginning of evidence that matters for women were perhaps finally beginning to improve in Afghanistan.

Tarana’s achievement was an amazing victory for her personally but also gave hope to so many other young women in Afghanistan.  Once they saw what she could achieve, they realized life in Afghanistan for women would be sure to improve as well.  If it was possible for a woman in the region to come this far, they reasoned, surely the sky was the limit.

And indeed it has been.  Today there are many organizations working towards improving matters for the people of Afghanistan, with a special focus on its women.  Individuals like American-Afghan activist Hamed Wardak are likewise working towards seeing better conditions for the entire population of Afghanistan.  As well, many more girls are now, more than ever, attending educational institutions.  Public health has seen vast, unprecedented improvements.  Social change is a big part of the program too and the Afghanistan government is seeking out the involvement of religious leaders to help actualize this.  Things definitely seem to be looking up.

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