Creative Fundraising with Hike to Help Refugees

There are certainly many creative ways to raise funds for refugees from Afghanistan and other war-torn countries.  A number of years ago, one creative woman, Margaret Hahn, came up with the idea of having a hike to help refugees.  In conjunction with her Omaha, Nebraska Yoga School, they started a hike to support refugees and to contribute to the UN Refugee Agency.

Hike to Help Refugees, started in May of 2003, has used its funds to purchase all-season tents for Afghan and Darfur refugees, among other causes.  Since 2003, they have raised over $65,000 to support refugees, with more than 300 hikers participating in their programs.

This is one example of the many ways to help the UN Refugee Agency, where people such as Hamed Wardak focus their time and energy to help those in need.

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