Hamed Wardak and Masjid Renovations

Hamed Wardak, a philanthropist and activist in Afghanistan affairs, might be interested in the recent renovation of Kabul’s Goldasta Masjid. The completion of the renovation was marked with a celebration involving various Afghan governmental ministers as well as US dignitaries. The masjid was constructed many centuries ago – perhaps even 800 years – and it has maintained most of its fundamental structure throughout those years.  In the 1990s some of it was destroyed, but that was minimal, given what the country has undergone.  It was Afghan Minister of Information and Cultural Affairs Sayed Makhdoom Raheen, Afghan Minister of Religious Affairs and Hajj Khawas Khan Niazi, and U.S. Ambassador Karl W. Eikenberry who led the ceremony.

Hamed Wardak and US Relations

Hamed Wardak is someone who is active in the promotion of good US-Afghanistan relations.  Such a ceremony would have been very good for such relations, especially since it was the Kabul US Embassy which donated a rather large sum of money – $82,000 – for the masjid renovation.  According to the American Ambassador, this was great for the people of Afghanistan too as it “not only brought a new community facility back to life, but contributed to the revival of traditional building crafts such as joinery and plastering.”  In addition, it shows quite clearly how talented the Afghans who worked on this project are in craftsmanship and hard work.

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