Hamed Wardak and CUSAP Efforts

Along with five other individuals working towards improving the quality of life for the people of Afghanistan, Hamed Wardak founded the Campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership (CUSAP), an organization of Afghan and American citizens set up to “achieve sustainable security and prosperity in Afghanistan.”  Efforts by other organizations on these lines, are important to all CUSAP members.  Work has been undertaken recently through USAID and the Wildlife Conservation Society to “protect and preserve the mountain environment” that supports Afghanistan’s Wakhan District.  Further, there is a WCS environmental education program for Wakhan schools that works throughout the district to “create legislative and community support for environmental practices that contribute to sustainable and appropriate economic development.”  Other action that has been taken as a result of this project was the creation of cleanliness committees in the hope of encouraging personal hygiene for students and to maintain cleanliness at the school.  Furthermore, “thanks to support from the U.S. Government, environmental awareness is rising in the Wakhan region and children are becoming positive agents for change in their own communities.”


Good News for Sports Afghanistan

There is always a feel good factor for a country when their team wins an international game.  So it probably was for the people of Afghanistan when its cricket team defeated Canada by a staggering six wickets at the ICC World Cricket League Division One cricket tournament’s first game.  Any good news for the country is a step in the right direction for activists like Hamed Wardak who works hard for the betterment of the people of Afghanistan.  In addition to their win, the team’s captain Nawroz Mangal was named ‘Man of the Match,’ in his work in leading the team with an unbeaten 70, off just 58 balls.  Exciting stuff for those Afghans following the sport.

Educational Improvements and Hamed Wardak

A new school is due to be constructed in Afghanistan, especially designed to teach around one thousand deaf children.  It was the Afghan government that donated the land on which the facility will be built. It is hoped that construction will be completed by the end of summer 2010.  America is lending a hand too.  Projects between America and Afghanistan are what Hamed Wardak, an Afghan activist, tries to encourage through his work.  Mountain2Mountain (a non-profit organization in America) is working together with the Afghan National Association for the Deaf (ANAD) to facilitate this project.  As well, this organization will be raising money to see it happen.  So financial and other aid from America is coming from: Mountain2Mountain, InnoVida Holdings and International Home Finance and Development; the latter two organizations will be giving large amounts of products and services for the constructions and  a perimeter wall.  But they will not be working alone; it truly is a joint US-Afghan venture since Afghanistan’s Quality Management Construction is giving a discounted price for its work in construction management.  As well as teaching deaf children, it is hoped there will be a program especially for teachers who wish to learn the special techniques needed to educate deaf children.  In addition, the deaf will be receiving education in agriculture.

Hamed Wardak and Afghanistan Power Station

As an Afghan activist seeking the improvement of quality of life for the people of Afghanistan, Hamed Wardak works hard for the people of his country and tries to improve relations with America.  Organizations that benefit Afghans have much to do, and it seems that much is being done all the time.  A recent project to benefit Afghanistan, was funded by the US government at a cost of $300 million.  It was undertaken by the country’s Ministry of Water and Energy which completed construction on a new 105 Megawatts power station in Tarakhe (south-western side of Deh Sabz district of Kabul).  This will be great for the district’s electricity system when technical problems arise.  But the construction isn’t over.  Future plans are the transmission of extra mgw power in Kabul to other provinces.

Hamed Wardak Supporting Nooristan Foundation

In recent news, Hamed Wardak is showing its deep commitment to the people of Afghanistan by contributing $20,000 to the Nooristan Foundation’s Spring Soiree, “An Evening of Hope to Benefit Afghanistan.”  This event will be hosted at the residence of His Excellency the Ambassador of France Pierre Vimont in Washington, D.C.

Hamed Wardak is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the event and to give back to the communities in Afghanistan in this way.  His contribution will support a village school for boys and girls and a midwife training program while promoting the livelihood for internally displaced people in three different areas of the country.

As Hamed Wardak said, “We are dedicated to making Afghanistan a more prosperous and secure nation. We share the Nooristan Foundation’s goals of supporting rural Afghan families with the necessary humanitarian, medical and educational assistance.”