Hamed Wardak and CUSAP Efforts

Along with five other individuals working towards improving the quality of life for the people of Afghanistan, Hamed Wardak founded the Campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership (CUSAP), an organization of Afghan and American citizens set up to “achieve sustainable security and prosperity in Afghanistan.”  Efforts by other organizations on these lines, are important to all CUSAP members.  Work has been undertaken recently through USAID and the Wildlife Conservation Society to “protect and preserve the mountain environment” that supports Afghanistan’s Wakhan District.  Further, there is a WCS environmental education program for Wakhan schools that works throughout the district to “create legislative and community support for environmental practices that contribute to sustainable and appropriate economic development.”  Other action that has been taken as a result of this project was the creation of cleanliness committees in the hope of encouraging personal hygiene for students and to maintain cleanliness at the school.  Furthermore, “thanks to support from the U.S. Government, environmental awareness is rising in the Wakhan region and children are becoming positive agents for change in their own communities.”

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