Deh Bagh and Roohabad Areas Getting Connected to Kandahar

Work on a 2.5 kilometer road in southern Kandahar has begun which will connect the area to the Deh Bagh and Roohabad areas of Kandahar.  The project is set to cost around $500,000 and take around three months to complete.  When more modern roads are completed, transportation is facilitated and this increases commerce.  As a result of this, the economy of the whole of Afghanistan will benefit and this will lead to an improvement in the quality of life for the people of Afghanistan too. This is what individuals such as Hamed Wardak are working towards the whole time – the betterment of life for the people of Afghanistan.


Saving Lives in Afghanistan

Latest news from NATO is about the new K-9 (canine) program that can save lives.  This has been put in Kabul, in Afghanistan’s Mine Detection and Dog Center (MDC).  Specialized dog trainers have been working with the dogs to “search for a wide variety of explosives, different chemicals that make explosives, and parts used in making improvised bombs and land mines,” since the region is subject to improvised explosive devices (IED) and landmines.  If the dogs are successful at drug detection, border security and riot control, the situation is likely to significantly improve.  This is clearly good news for all the people of Afghanistan and those working toward a better region, like Afghan activist Hamed Wardak.