Understanding the AACC with Hamed Wardak

Certainly, many people are actively working to help Afghanistan to move in a positive direction. The Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) with founding vice-president Hamed Wardak, works tirelessly to promote open-market economy and Afghan-American businesses in Afghanistan.

AACC works to form partnerships with business associations, think tanks, universities, local chambers of commerce and other business organizations that want to work towards an open economy and a decratic political system.  They are the leading organization that facilitates U.S.-Afghan business, investment and trade ties.


Hamed Wardak Sponsors a Nooristan Foundation Gala

In recent philanthropic news, Hamed Wardak  gave 20,000 USD to sponsor the Nooristan Foundation’s annual ball, ‘An Evening of Hope to Benefit Afghanistan’, in yet another show of their support for Afghanistan society.

Nooristan Foundation is a nonprofit organization working from Washington, DC to support philanthropic projects for communities in Afghanistan. Wardak’s donation will support a small children’s school, a program to train midwives, and advancement of the lifestyles of the emotionally distressed. He and his company are proud to have a part in supporting rural Afghanistan.

Public Health Ministry News in Afghanistan

A new health center is to be built in Injil, situated in Afghanistan’s western province of Herat by the Italian Provincial Reconstruction Team, due to be open in the beginning of 2011.  It is intended that this will respond to health needs throughout the district.  In addition, there will be an electrical project implemented in Farah City hospital since until now they have been receiving their power from a very small (and unreliable) generator causing short outs and power loss for the hospital resulting in blood spoilage in the blood bank and patient infections due to inadequate climate control, as well as damage to equipment.  This project will really help the situation.  Hamed Wardak works hard to secure improvements in all districts of Afghanistan.