Hamed Wardak and Ludus

Hamed Wardak recently founded a sports fashion company called Ludus, of which he is the CEO.  The philosophy behind the company comes from its name, which in Latin means “game, play, training, sport,” the idea being that the clothing will be fun and suitable for those engaged in competitive sports.  Also, the fibers used in Ludus clothing is good for those who are environmentally- and socially-conscious.  It is “a combination of technologically advanced materials and fashion forward design.”

In addition, Ludus has created an image that “reflects the cultures in history that have encouraged evolution of mind, body, and soul.”  The hope behind the company is that it will “inspire athletes to embody a soldier’s tenacity, a general leadership, an artist’s vision and a scholar’s insight.”


Projects Developing in Laghman

New projects are to be developed in the Laghman province with a capital injection of $1.7 million.  This will surely create job opportunities for those living in the area, which is always a source of delight for those active in Afghan improvements, such as Hamed Wardak, founder of the Campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership (CUSAP).  One of the main goals of the CUSAP is to “achieve sustainable security and prosperity in Afghanistan.”  The scope of this latest project in Laghman includes building bridges (to improve transportation and facilitate security measures throughout the land) as well as canals.

The projects are being financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the United Nations Children’s Fund, the World Bank, and the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT).  The other main aim of the CUSAP is achieving a partnership between America and Afghanistan, being a “nonprofit organization of American and Afghan citizens.”

Ludus Athletics Reaches Out to Afghan Refugees

Ludus Atheltics is a new sports clothing line founded and run by Hamed Wardak. The brand works to provide high quality, state-of-the-art sports apparel that is both eco-friendly and socially conscious.

The company explained that the word ‘Ludus’ was used often in ancient Roman culture. In Latin, Ludus means ‘play’, ‘game’, ‘sport’ and ‘training’. Ludus also refers to a gladiator training school. The ‘Ludus Magnus’ means the Great Gladitorial Training School in Rome.

The brand was launched in an event in L.A. last month. Hosts and guests included Pam Omidyar, author Khaled Hosseini, Mozhdah Jamalzadah and many others. Actress Angelina Jolie relayed a video message at the event as well.

“There are few disasters that rival the devastation caused by the flooding last year in Pakistan. For decades, UNHCR’s role in Pakistan has been to assist Afghan refugees, but faced with an emergency of this magnitude, it was clear we had to join the relief effort,” said Vincent Cochetel,  the UNHCR Representative for the United States and the Caribbean at the event.