Learning from Afghanistan’s Economy

There are always lessons to be learned from a country’s economy.  This is true also in the case of Afghanistan where there have been significant strides in the last decade or so, probably due to mega-billion dollar investments along with “remittances from Afghan expats.”  Further, the country has improved substantially vis-à-vis its agricultural production and the end of its four-year drought.
So this is good news for those trying to develop the country.  Activists such as Hamed Wardak are always trying to take strides in this vein and when the country’s agriculture and economy develops, its citizens are bound to reap the benefits as well.


Afghanistan Telecommunications Developments

It’s amazing how fast a developing country these days is able to advance.  In Afghanistan, this is just the kind of news that Hamed Wardak – an activist working toward improvement of quality of life for the people in the country – likes to hear.  It seems that in the last decade the government of the country has transformed the country into a place with a strong telecommunications network in place, which is especially impressive given that at the beginning of the 21st century, it had absolutely “no mobile infrastructure at all.”  Today, Afghanistan has licensed four GSM operators and has established “an environment of healthy, transparent competition and low-cost, broad accessibility.”  This is, aturally, leading to economic growth for the country, which is good for everyone.  The mobile industry currently has over 50,000 people on its payroll, which accounts for 12 percent of all government revenues.  Therefore, the telecommunications industry is now the “largest source of foreign investment, bringing more than $1.2 billion dollars into the national economy.”

It is excellent when there is such clear proof that a country like Afghanistan is undergoing such major improvement.  Hamed Wardak and other activists are constantly working hard to see Afghanistan develop.

Improving Education Possibilities in Kunar

A new school will be built in the Khas Kunar district of Kunar (an eastern province in Afghanistan), which is great news for all those Afghans trying to improve their quality of life.  Hamed Wardak, for example, is always seeking to help the people of Afghanistan and news like this is definitely a step in the right direction.  Wardak founded the Campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership (CUSAP) with just this kind of work in mind.

The opening ceremony of the school was attended by the province’s governor Fazlullah Wahidi, community leaders, education officials, students and teachers.  It took six months for the building to be constructed at a cost of $264,000.  The building will house ten classrooms (with 160 2-person tables and chairs), four administrative rooms, and five bathrooms as well as a surrounding well.