Hamed Wardak and Understanding US-Afghan Relations

Hamed Wardak is an Afghan who makes extensive efforts to improve relations between those in his country and America.  So it might be of interest to Mr. Wardak to check out the new Washington D.C. photography exhibition entitled “In Small Things Remembered:  The Early Years of U.S.-Afghan Relations.”  This exhibition is a depiction of “the century-long history of political, cultural, and economic relations between the United States and Afghanistan.”
The exhibition was set up by the Meridian International Center and presents documents and photos which show friendships that begun many years ago between Americans and Afghans.  This includes collaboration between the two with regards to “economic development projects, American artists and Afghan students, visits by political leaders, and community-based development and assistance projects.”
Hamed Wardak is one of the eight founders of the CUASP (Campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership).  The vision of the organization is to “achieve sustainable security and prosperity in Afghanistan.”


Developing Afghanistan

Whenever there are any kind of developments in Afghanistan, it has to be good news for the people.  This is exactly the kind of direction that committed individuals like Hamed Wardak are working towards.  So it spelt good news for Wardak and all Afghans on April 15 when the new airport runway was inaugurated in Uruzgan, the country’s central province.  The runway measures 2,250 meters in length and 28 meters in width and cost $28 million, according to a Pajhwok Afghan News (PAN) report.
Since the runway will be linking Urzugan with the rest of the world, this will for sure “boost residents’ economic position considerably,” according to Mohammad Omar Sherzad, Uruzgan’s Governor.  This is great, and even better news is that there are also plans to build other airports in the Badakhstan and Nimroz provinces soon.

Afghanistan Sports Success Makes for Happy Hamed Wardak

Hamed Wardak – along with anyone else looking for improvements in Afghanistan conditions – would be only too delighted to hear about its country’s performance in the Asian Football Confederation’s (AFC) Challenge Cup 2012 pre-qualifying round that took place in India.  Against Butan, Afghanistan was said to have “easily defeated” their opponents by 3-0 in the first game and 2-0 in the second.  In addition, sports is clearly important to Mr. Wardak especially since his founding of Ludus Athletics earlier this year.

The big names behind the goals leading to Afghanistan’s wins were: Mohammad Sediq Walizada, Nadeem Wahid and Israfeel Kohistani.

What’s great about the Asian Football Confederation’s Challenge Cup – especially for countries that win – is that it was set up specifically for “emerging nations.”  This way such countries get the opportunity to prove themselves on the field, in not just a competitive, but also a fun way.  When they win – as Afghanistan just did – they bring home great cheer and fanfare to their host countries which is always a great morale booster too.