Developing Afghanistan

Whenever there are any kind of developments in Afghanistan, it has to be good news for the people.  This is exactly the kind of direction that committed individuals like Hamed Wardak are working towards.  So it spelt good news for Wardak and all Afghans on April 15 when the new airport runway was inaugurated in Uruzgan, the country’s central province.  The runway measures 2,250 meters in length and 28 meters in width and cost $28 million, according to a Pajhwok Afghan News (PAN) report.
Since the runway will be linking Urzugan with the rest of the world, this will for sure “boost residents’ economic position considerably,” according to Mohammad Omar Sherzad, Uruzgan’s Governor.  This is great, and even better news is that there are also plans to build other airports in the Badakhstan and Nimroz provinces soon.

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