About Hamed Wardak

Hamed Wardak is the founder and CEO of Ludus Athletics, where he is responsible for strategy, business development, corporate affairs and operations. The company helps people to attain their physical athletic potential while urging them to give back to their communities.  Through the company, Wardak seeks to “in­spire authenticity, comfort, functionality, and style – both inside and out.”  Ludus’ aims to help their clients “look and feel good,” while also be “proud that they are making a difference to their community and world by purchasing earth-friendly, sustainable, organic, and socially conscious apparel.”

Wardak also a founder of the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) where he currently serves as vice chairman, and he is also a founder of the Campaign for U.S.-Afghanistan Partnership. Most notably, Wardak is a founder of the Fedayeen-e-Sol movement. Fedayeen-e-Sol is a broad-based, multiethnic civil society movement that acts for Afghanistan national and governmental reform through non-violent means.

Mr. Wardak has had an illustrious past, having served as a Managing Director for International Operations with Technologists Inc. from 2004-2005; he was the Afghan Finance Minister’s Private Envoy to the United States from 2002-2003; he worked in M&A at Merrill Lynch in New York and Palo Alto, California, until November, 2001.


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