AACC Launches 6th Annual Matchmaking Conference

The sixth annual U.S.-Afghanistan Business Matchmaking Conference was launched by the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce (AACC), with its founding vice president Hamed Wardak, this past November. The event was attended by businessmen and women, government officials and financial company representatives.

The goal of the conference is to increase American-Afghan business deals by identifying new opportunities and presenting the benefits that these partnerships have to offer. Mr. Frank Ruggerio, the Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan-Pakistan (SRAP) also described the U.S. supports four priorities as: new business growth, legal reform, increased economic growth, trade and expanding help for businesses.


Building Bridges: Afghans and Americans

Hamed Wardak is the founding vice-president of the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce, which aims to foster an appreciation for Afghani culture and the Afghani people by Americans. The Chamber is primarily focused on Americans in the United States, while other organizations, such as Afghan Hands, works to train service members of the International Security Assistance Force to become experts in Afghan culture and to build strong partnerships between the members of the security force and  Afghan governmental and non-governmental institutions, and with the people of Afghanistan themselves.  Two hundred men and women have now participated in the program.

Afghanistan’s Cultural-Historical Legacy

Afghanistan is uniquely situated at the heart of the Silk Road. Its geographic location has resulted in a multi-faceted cultural legacy that has encompassed its historical connections with other nations throughout Asia and Europe. In the U.S., Americans are gaining appreciation for Afghanistan’s distinctive culture and history through the efforts of the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce, whose founding vice-president is Hamed Wardak. Now, British citizens will also have the opportunity to learn more about this nation’s cultural heritage, as the British Museum will be holding a major exhibition displaying over 200 rare objects from Afghanistan’s ancient past, the earliest of which will be gold objects from Afghan’s early history.

Tickets go on sale this month, November 2010, and are available through the British Museum. The exhibit will open on March 3, 2011.

6th Annual AACC Business Matchmaking Conference on Now

Today, in Washington D.C., the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce, where Hamed Wardak is the founding vice-president, is having its 6th Annual Business Matchmaking Conference 2010.

Last year, over 350 people attended the 5th Annual Conference at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center and the new “W” Hotel.  The event serves to highlight untapped economic opportunity in Afghanistan and to put emphasis on the private sector there.

This year, the conference includes unique 10 minute One-on-One Meetings that participants will be privy to with Key Speakers, Business Leaders and others.

In addition, confirmed and invited guests include: Afghan Cabinet Officials, the Afghanistan Builders Association, the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency, the U.S. Corporations and Businesses, the Embassy of Afghanistan, the U.S. Department of State and many others.

Understanding the AACC with Hamed Wardak

Certainly, many people are actively working to help Afghanistan to move in a positive direction. The Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) with founding vice-president Hamed Wardak, works tirelessly to promote open-market economy and Afghan-American businesses in Afghanistan.

AACC works to form partnerships with business associations, think tanks, universities, local chambers of commerce and other business organizations that want to work towards an open economy and a decratic political system.  They are the leading organization that facilitates U.S.-Afghan business, investment and trade ties.

Success with the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce

In recent news, the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) was thrilled with the attendance at their 5th Annual Business Matchmaking Conference in Washington DC.  With over 350 people in attendance, including 60 business people from Afghanistan, the event highlighted new economic opportunities and focused on the need to put greater emphasis on the Afghan private sector.

In the coming month, AACC plans to increase its activities to evaluate investment opportunities in Afghanistan.  The conference focused on challenges facing both Afghan and U.S. businesspeople while looking for key avenues through which American and Afghan businessmen and women can find ways to work together.

Certainly, the conference was made possible by the efforts of those within the AACC, including founding vice-president Hamed Wardak, AACC Board members Francis Skrobiszewski and Bill Joern and others.

AACC Founder Hamed Wardak

In addition to leading his Afghan movement for change, “Sacrificers for Peace,” (Fedayeen-e-Sol), Hamed Wardak is also one of the founders of the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce.

Wardak is striving to encourage a strong relationship between the United States and Afghanistan, and to encourage the U.S. to help Afghanistan overcome their Islamic political rivals who Wardak says are backed by Iran.

“Right now our allies, the Americans and our European friends, focus on state institution development, you don’t have anything politically. But our neighboring countries, particularly Iran, are focused on creating a movement, a political apparatus on the ground,” he said. “Our movement believes that the American and allied long-term presence is vital and desirable for building a stable and democratic order,”

he added.