Wardak Envisions New Afghanistan

Hamed Wardak has been critical of the current president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai. Wardak believes that Karzai has made, “compromises with the devil” because he has cooperated President of Afhanistan Karzaiwith militia leaders, drug traffickers and Islamist leaders.

Although Wardak does believe that Karzai is a patriot and sincerely wants to do what’s best for Afghanistan, he is not convinced, and disagrees in a fundamental way, with many of the policy decisions Karzai has made.

Wardak explained:

“These policies and bad allies can jeopardize our young democracy. It’s also distressing to our movement that many Americans and Western observers believe that only President Karzai is a bulwark against the Taliban. To us, this is an insult to our country, our long history and our new democracy.”