Hamed Wardak Gives Back Through Ludus Athletics

Hamed Wardak has created a unique business model allowing the ability to do well financially as well as being able to give back to the community. “So many members of the Afghan Diaspora are refugees in one way or another. I am pleased that I can give back, particularly through Ludus Athletics, my new eco-friendly, socially conscious active wear line,” said Hamed Wardak, CEO of Ludus Athletics.

Hamed is an advocate for the future of Afghanistan. He has made major donations to cultural exhibits in the US and to nonprofits providing educational services in rural areas of Afghanistan, primarily to women and children. He has also funded and continues to fund aid programs supporting refugees, particularly Afghan refugees, displaced by the Pakistan floods.

Hamed Wardak also said, “The UN Refugee Agency’s aid to Afghan refugees who have been displaced by the Pakistan floods is a cause that is close to my heart. Al Qaeda and the Taliban operate in these areas. If we don’t get involved to win the hearts and minds of these people, Al Qaeda and the Taliban will.”


Blue Key: Miami to DC

On June 22, 2011, at the POV at the W Hotel, located at 515 15th Street, Northwest, Washington, D.C, join up with the Blue Key Campaign and the “movers and shakers in support of the UN Refugee Agency as we transform the terrace of the W Hotel into an ultrachic Miami lounge.

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Dance the night away in POV, converted for the night into the hottest club in Washington D.C.  featuring Miami’s own top DJs.”

DJing at the event will be Julian Ingrosso (from Mirami’s Mynt Lounge) as well as Jason Vernau, (current DJ at Set, Shore Club and Fontainebleau).

From 8 to 9pm the host committee reception with VIP guests will take place and then from 9pm to 2am, the Blue Key: Miami to DC at POV.

The event is being sponsored by Ludus Athletics, a company set up and run by Hamed Wardak, earlier this year.

Hamed Wardak and Blue Key

Blue Key: Miami to DC

Through Ludus Athletics (the sports clothing company of which Hamed Wardak is CEO), the Blue Key Campaign is taking place.  The Blue Key Campaign is working together with USA for UNHCR in an effort to “support refugees who are working hard to rebuild their lives.”  Refugees leave with nothing and so need basics like food, water and shelter.  Sometimes they are in camps for decades, hoping that the day they can return to a non-violent country will come very soon.  But while in these harsh conditions, they require the basics which is what The Blue Key Campaign is all about.

Ludus and the Blue Key Campaign

So how does Ludus – a “new South Beach lifestyle brand” – fit into all of this?  The company is all about “fashion, beauty and entertainment,” surely a far cry from the basic needs of these refugees.  But South Beach has another side too, making leaps in developing a healthy environment and supporting large charitable endeavors.  Wardak’s Ludus brand “captures the spirit of all these elements in its apparel,” with a strong commitment to eco-friendly products.  The company’s motto is: “love the world.”

Ludus today is working with a whole slew of “fund-raising events benefitting various charitable endeavors” like USA for UNHCR in an attempt to “educate the public about the plight of refugees around the world and raising money to improve their lives.”

Afghanistan Sports Success Makes for Happy Hamed Wardak

Hamed Wardak – along with anyone else looking for improvements in Afghanistan conditions – would be only too delighted to hear about its country’s performance in the Asian Football Confederation’s (AFC) Challenge Cup 2012 pre-qualifying round that took place in India.  Against Butan, Afghanistan was said to have “easily defeated” their opponents by 3-0 in the first game and 2-0 in the second.  In addition, sports is clearly important to Mr. Wardak especially since his founding of Ludus Athletics earlier this year.

The big names behind the goals leading to Afghanistan’s wins were: Mohammad Sediq Walizada, Nadeem Wahid and Israfeel Kohistani.

What’s great about the Asian Football Confederation’s Challenge Cup – especially for countries that win – is that it was set up specifically for “emerging nations.”  This way such countries get the opportunity to prove themselves on the field, in not just a competitive, but also a fun way.  When they win – as Afghanistan just did – they bring home great cheer and fanfare to their host countries which is always a great morale booster too.

Ludus Athletics Launches Event in LA

Ludus Athletics recently joined forces with the US Association for UNHCR, adding their support in the efforts to help refugees all over the world in an event launched at the splendid Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, LA.

Hamed Wardak, CEO of Ludus Athletics and one of the initiators of the event explained, “We brought the United Nations Refugee Agency to Los Angeles for the first time to launch Ludus Athletics because LA is more socially concerned and athletic, and we wanted to raise awareness for the ongoing plight of Pakistan flood victims, particularly Afghans.”

Ludus Athletics presented various fashions throughout the event. The men’s and women’s graphic t-shirts displayed five different themes: Greco/Roman, Latin/Mayan, Asian/Buddhist, Arabesque and Angelique. The themes were chosen as a result of the symbolism of each culture, and each represented the evolution of mind, body and spirit. For this reason, the shirts were made from eco-friendly, organic cotton.