Ludus Hosts Irie Foundation Weekend Kick-Off Event

On Thursday, June 28th Ludus Athletics is hosting Miami Heat DJ Irie and the kick-off event for the Irie Foundation weekend on Star Island at a private residence.  This event is following the celebrations for the Miami Heat winning the 2012 NBA Championship.  Several celebrities will be in attendance, including Jonathan Vilma, Reggie Bush and Chris Kirkpatrick.

Hamed Wardak, Ludus founder and CEO, said, “It’s been such a great time of celebration in Miami, but this three day weekend solely dedicated to DJ Irie’s charity is the best gift of all.”

The ultimate goal of the Irie Foundation is to increase the graduation rate among the young students it serves.  It improves the lives of youth located in South Florida through extracurricular and educational activities that may not be available to them.  Middle school students are mentored and if they stay in the program through high school, they will be granted scholarship money toward college or trade school tuition.

“This is the 8th year I’m doing this event, and having this kick off party couldn’t be a better way to start what will be a great and memorable weekend which we hope will raise significant funds for the Irie Foundation,” said DJ Irie.

Ludus Athletics creates apparel that is designed to complement the human form and its motto is “Love the World”.  It donates a portion of each clothing item sold to philanthropic organizations.


Ludus Athletics Miami Beach Volleyball Tournament

Ludus Athletics, an eco-conscious and philanthropic firm committed to fashion and fun, was the primary sponsor for the 2012 Ludus Model Beach Volleyball Tournament.  Miami’s top modeling agencies form co-ed teams to compete in the two day tournament.  The tournament in association with the National Volleyball League was held at 11th and Ocean Drive on March 31st and April 1st.  It was a public event featuring 2012 Sports Illustrated models, supermodels, 2012 Olympians and 10 pro volleyball coaches.  Not only did Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal and U.S. Olympians April Ross and Jennifer Kessy participate in coaching and playing, but they also offered autographs to fans on April 1st at 2pm.

To add to the excitement, the top local DJs Triarchy, DJ Crespo and Willy Monfret played music for the people attending.  STK served signature menu items and Leblon Cachaca offered complimentary caipirinhas in the VIP tent.

“This two day event is all about what Ludus represents,” said Hamed Wardak, CEO of Ludus.  “We create fashion-forward eco-conscious clothing and produce one-of-a-kind events that combine fashion, music, philanthropy and fun. We celebrate life, and promote compassion for all humans. That’s why supporting this event was a perfect fit with our vision.”

Hamed Wardak and Blue Key

Blue Key: Miami to DC

Through Ludus Athletics (the sports clothing company of which Hamed Wardak is CEO), the Blue Key Campaign is taking place.  The Blue Key Campaign is working together with USA for UNHCR in an effort to “support refugees who are working hard to rebuild their lives.”  Refugees leave with nothing and so need basics like food, water and shelter.  Sometimes they are in camps for decades, hoping that the day they can return to a non-violent country will come very soon.  But while in these harsh conditions, they require the basics which is what The Blue Key Campaign is all about.

Ludus and the Blue Key Campaign

So how does Ludus – a “new South Beach lifestyle brand” – fit into all of this?  The company is all about “fashion, beauty and entertainment,” surely a far cry from the basic needs of these refugees.  But South Beach has another side too, making leaps in developing a healthy environment and supporting large charitable endeavors.  Wardak’s Ludus brand “captures the spirit of all these elements in its apparel,” with a strong commitment to eco-friendly products.  The company’s motto is: “love the world.”

Ludus today is working with a whole slew of “fund-raising events benefitting various charitable endeavors” like USA for UNHCR in an attempt to “educate the public about the plight of refugees around the world and raising money to improve their lives.”

Afghanistan Sports Success Makes for Happy Hamed Wardak

Hamed Wardak – along with anyone else looking for improvements in Afghanistan conditions – would be only too delighted to hear about its country’s performance in the Asian Football Confederation’s (AFC) Challenge Cup 2012 pre-qualifying round that took place in India.  Against Butan, Afghanistan was said to have “easily defeated” their opponents by 3-0 in the first game and 2-0 in the second.  In addition, sports is clearly important to Mr. Wardak especially since his founding of Ludus Athletics earlier this year.

The big names behind the goals leading to Afghanistan’s wins were: Mohammad Sediq Walizada, Nadeem Wahid and Israfeel Kohistani.

What’s great about the Asian Football Confederation’s Challenge Cup – especially for countries that win – is that it was set up specifically for “emerging nations.”  This way such countries get the opportunity to prove themselves on the field, in not just a competitive, but also a fun way.  When they win – as Afghanistan just did – they bring home great cheer and fanfare to their host countries which is always a great morale booster too.

Hamed Wardak and Ludus

Hamed Wardak recently founded a sports fashion company called Ludus, of which he is the CEO.  The philosophy behind the company comes from its name, which in Latin means “game, play, training, sport,” the idea being that the clothing will be fun and suitable for those engaged in competitive sports.  Also, the fibers used in Ludus clothing is good for those who are environmentally- and socially-conscious.  It is “a combination of technologically advanced materials and fashion forward design.”

In addition, Ludus has created an image that “reflects the cultures in history that have encouraged evolution of mind, body, and soul.”  The hope behind the company is that it will “inspire athletes to embody a soldier’s tenacity, a general leadership, an artist’s vision and a scholar’s insight.”