Stephen Rodriguez Speaks at George Washington University

Stephen Rodriguez, on behalf of Hamed Wardak, recently addressed students at George Washington University.  On July 23rd 2010, Director of Marketing, Stephen Rodriguez, addressed more than 120 Latin American political and military leaders.

As part of his speech, he explains how advanced agent-based modeling can help to elucidate solutions to problems that most thought were not able to be solved.

His address culminated with a commitment to establish a reciprocal relationship between Hamed Wardak and the George Washington School of Political Management (GSPM).


Nangarhar Province and Afghanistanian Improvements

It is always good to hear about improvements taking place in Afghanistan.  Any time an investment is made in the region, it is good for the citizens.  Hamed Wardak is an Afghan-American who works hard for the people of Afghanistan, along these lines.  So it was great to hear about the recent building of a $192,500 16 room girls’ school in the Nangarhar province.  Fortunately, this is just one in quite a long line of schools that have been constructed in Afghanistan.  Indeed, figures show that today, more Afghan children are attending schools than ever before in the country’s history.  As well, education ministry officials have committed to continuing this trend so that the country continues to thrive educationally.  There will be a special focus on building in the poorer provinces.

Good News for Afghanistan International Relations

Whenever a new airport is built in a country, it spells potential good news for its citizens. That is why someone like Hamed Wardak, an Afghan activist seeking improvements in the country would welcome the news of Uruzgan’s airport that is planned to be built.  Indeed Haji Khuda-i-Dad Rahim (Uruzgan’s acting governor) recently laid the ceremonial foundation stone at a milestone ceremony held in July.  It is said that the airport will take around a year to construct and it is the Dutch government that will be funding it (at a cost of 17 million Euros).  It will serve as use for international as well as domestic flights.