Hamed Wardak Proposal for U.S. in Afghanistan

mastheadHamed Wardak suggests several strategies which he believes can help the United States achieve its goals in Afghanistan.  These ideas appeared in the on-line journal ‘Asia Chronicle’ which discusses regional issues and global insights.  Briefly introducing the subject of U.S.-Afghan relations, Wardak explains that Afghanistan was a stable country until the invasion of the Soviet Union in the 1980s. Then, when the Soviets were defeated and forced out of Afghanistan the United States and the allies of NATO did not get involved in the recovery of Afghanistan, which allowed the Taliban to gain power, which as a result gave a place for al Qaeda to headquarter in safety.

Hamed Wardak argues that today, just as in the mid-1990s the Afghan people only turn towards the Taliban to fill the security vacuum left by years of turmoil. Wardak believes that if the Afghan people felt that they could rely on the U.S. for this security, they would support U.S. involvement in Afghanistan.


Emerging Afghan Business Professionals

Hamed Wardak is one of a new generation of successful Afghan businessmen who are emerging from the war torn Afghanistan to take responsibility for the rebuilding of their country. Many of these young businessmen and entrepreneurs are known not only in Afghanistan, but also in the US and European business worlds.
The son of Abdul Rahim Wardak, the Defense Minister of Afghanistan, Hamed Wardak has continually enlisted his abilities and experience for the betterment of his country of birth and fellow Afghans. (Wardak was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, and after growing up in Pakistan and the US he has returned to serve his country, living between Washington and Kabul.)
Wardak has worked together with USAID, the United States Department of Defense and other international concerns who have invested in Afghanistan’s future. He even served as the Afghan Finance Minister’s private envoy to the United States during the period 2002-2003.

Hamed Wardak: Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce

Hamed Wardak is the founder and CEO of Ludus Athletics, a company striving to help people develop their physical potential and to give back to their communities.

Wardak is the founding vice-president of the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) that is the leading organization facilitating American-Afghanistan business, investment and trade ties. The AACC advocates for a free and open market economy in Afghanistan and it endeavors to establish and strengthen U.S.-Afghanistan economic relations. The AACC serves the interests of its members through a variety of programs geared at introducing the US business community to the wonderful opportunities available in the burgeoning economy and emerging market of Afghanistan.

Hamed Wardak, an Afghani-American, is the son of Afghanistan’s Minister of Defense, Abdul Rahim Wardak, who spends his time between the US and Kabul.