Ludus Athletics Launches Event in LA

Ludus Athletics recently joined forces with the US Association for UNHCR, adding their support in the efforts to help refugees all over the world in an event launched at the splendid Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, LA.

Hamed Wardak, CEO of Ludus Athletics and one of the initiators of the event explained, “We brought the United Nations Refugee Agency to Los Angeles for the first time to launch Ludus Athletics because LA is more socially concerned and athletic, and we wanted to raise awareness for the ongoing plight of Pakistan flood victims, particularly Afghans.”

Ludus Athletics presented various fashions throughout the event. The men’s and women’s graphic t-shirts displayed five different themes: Greco/Roman, Latin/Mayan, Asian/Buddhist, Arabesque and Angelique. The themes were chosen as a result of the symbolism of each culture, and each represented the evolution of mind, body and spirit. For this reason, the shirts were made from eco-friendly, organic cotton.


Angelina Jolie Supports Afghan School for Girls

Afghan activists and supporters, such as Hamed Wardak, work tirelessly to improve the quality of life in rural Afghanistan. Another example of such a person is the famous actress Angelina Jolie, who donated $75,000 to help build a school for girls in Tangi earlier this year. The school will feature eight classrooms, four administration buildings, a well and more. Over eight hundred girls will be educated in the new institute.

In Tangi, there are three settlements. 7,800 people have returned from Pakistan to live in in the communities over the past five years. These families hope that with the help of humanitarian agencies they will be able to have a fresh start in Nangarhar.